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Snow Melts Into Spring


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Delanie Molnar is a composer and clarinetist from Austin, Texas. Delanie's music explores the kinesthetic energy of melody and gesture, how that energy shapes a note, phrase, or a moment in time. Her sound is marked by evolutions of timbre across a piece, distinct melodic lines, rhythmic intensity, and creative utilization of space and silence. Her artistic intent is to create musical landscapes that draw in the listener to a personal world of energy, atmosphere, colors, and textures that is singular to that piece; a world in which only that music lives and the listener is invited to come live within it and experience it for a time.

Some recent performances of Ms. Molnar’s music include Bowling Green State University’s 2020-21 Klinger Electroacoustic Residency (KEAR) with the icarus Quartet, the Sonic Murals Festival (University of North Texas), the Composers Forum concerts of Bowling Green State University (BGSU), the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (in partnership with UNT), the UPBEAT International Summer School in Milna, Croatia, and the Spectrum: Works From North Texas concert series.

Delanie feeds her passion for composition through collaboration with fellow artists: musicians, performing ensembles, dancers, visual artists, filmmakers and more. Her goals in these collaborations are to perpetuate the increasing visibility of contemporary music, and to expand the awareness and appreciation of its audience by creating engaging experiences with experimental art and music.

Being an active clarinetist, Ms. Molnar has performed with the UPBEAT International Composer/Performer Workshop in Milna, Croatia, the University of North Texas (UNT) Symphonic Band, and the Blue Lake International Youth Symphony Orchestra. She has also explored various performance opportunities as a singer with the UNT Women’s Chorus and the BGSU University Choral Society, and as a keyboardist with the Not Past 11 jazz band.

Delanie received her MM, Composition from Bowling Green State University in May 2021 through compositional studies with Elainie Lillios, Christopher Dietz, and Mikel Kuehn. She previously graduated from the University of North Texas with her BM, Composition in 2019, studying composition with Drew Schnurr, Kirsten Broberg, Sungji Hong, Andrew May, and Seth Shafer, and clarinet studies with John Scott. Her current projects explore inspiration from literature, experimental formal structures, and engagement with approaches to implied narrative.

Program Notes:

The creation of Snow Melts Into Spring for reed trio began on a snowy Ohio day with just the tips of green grass visible beneath the blanket of vast whiteness. I found myself thinking of the proverbial question, “What does snow become when it melts?” While the most common sense answer would be that snow melts into water, I like the metaphorical answer that snow melting marks the passage of time — a changing of seasons — therefore, snow melts into spring.


INSTRUMENTATION: oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon

LENGTH:  6 minutes

PREMIERE: October 23, 2021
Texas Music Educators Association Convention
Performed by Liz Fleissner, oboe; Karen Bronson, clarinet; Jolene Masone, bassoon

Sample Recording
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