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How do I register as a new student?

To register as a new student, click on Student Portal in the menu and fill in the form under New Students. For more details, watch this video.

Do all new students get

a lesson time?

No. New students will be temporarily  put on a waitlist until  you can become an active student.

How do I update my current student account?

To update a current student's account, click on Student Portal in the menu.

Enter your email address and password. For more information, watch the video below.


What is the length of a lesson?

What is the fee for lessons?

Lesson length for  6th to 12th grade students is half the length of band class or 30 minutes for after school lessons.

The fee is $24 per lesson, regardless of length and location.

How do I pay for the lessons?

All lessons will be paid by credit card.

Follow these instructions to enter information:

  • go to Student Portal in website menu

  • enter your email and password

  • click on your name in the top right corner

  • click Profile Settings

  • click Add Card

  • check auto-pay

At the end of the month you will receive an invoice for the lessons that were taught. The invoice will automatically draw funds from your account.

How do I set-up auto-pay?

Auto-pay can be selected from your profile settings. If you have already entered credit card information, select edit. Scroll down and check auto-pay.

Lesson Information

Where are lessons taught?

For Summer 2021, lessons are taught virtually through zoom or in person at my home studio in Southlake, Texas.

In Fall 2021, I will continue to offer virtual lessons. In person lessons will be either at my home studio or at school during band class or before school.

How do I access my virtual lesson?

Lessons can be accessed by clicking on the zoom link with your lesson time. This is found in the calendar section of your student portal. I will also send you a direct PMI Zoom link.

Be sure to check for lesson notes in your calendar!

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