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Sage Bronson is a freelance musician who currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her recent musical work has been composing instrumental music and electronic music. Her composition style is influenced by World Music genre, experimental electronics, and her time studying music in academia. She received her undergraduate degree in Music Theory from the University of North Texas in 2019, and continued with graduate studies in Music Composition at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In academia, she enjoyed participating in a variety of performance ensembles such as contemporary instrumental music, vocal jazz, indian music (studying the sitar), middle eastern music, and performance improv. In 2020 she had the opportunity to premier Duet 4 1 (performed by Karen Bronson), a piece for bass clarinet, electronics, and isolation headphones. The piece is a great demonstration of how Sage aims to create music that experiments with the performer's perception of themselves making music in order to yield a more meditative music making experience. In the more recent years Sage has began making electronic dance music, using synthesizer and drum machines to create angsty but yet chill beats. Her songs are currently on youtube under the name Sage -_-


INSTRUMENTATION: oboe, bass clarinet, bassoon

LENGTH:  5 minutes

PREMIERE: October 23, 2021
Texas Music Educators Association Convention
Performed by Liz Fleissner, oboe; Karen Bronson, clarinet; Jolene Masone, bassoon

Program Notes:

This piece requires a looping pedal and a powered speaker. The loop can be recorded and overdubbed live, or it can be recorded before the performance, saved onto the loop pedal and then be triggered at the performance. If it is recorded live, then the player will need a microphone connected to the loop pedal. The piece begins when either the loop is triggered, or the players begin recording the loop. The loop should play through the entire duration of the piece.

Sage Bronson

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