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Reed Trio

Texas Music Educators Association

Convention 2022

CC West Lobby Music Showcase

February 11, 2022


Elizabeth Fleissner, oboe

Karen Bronson, clarinet/bass clarinet

Jolene Masone, bassoon

Something New (2021)                                                                                   











About the Commissioned Works


Composer’s Comments for Craftwork

Since my time living in Austin, TX, I have been fascinated and excited by craft drinks. From coffee, to spirits, and beer, I’ve found camaraderie with others while lifting a glass. Once my incredible twin brother (Ben Ellard, current brewer at Be Easy Brewing and Aomori Brew Pub) began his journey as an artistic craftsman and producer of craft drinks in our mid-twenties, I was opened up to more of the actual workings behind the scenes. The glass bottles we hold are the result of so much imagination and science, it’s astounding and inspiring. When Karen Bronson asked me if I’d like to write a piece for her reed trio, I knew just what I wanted to compose about. Karen and I share a love for good drink and good company, so what better moment to find inspiration in something we and so many of our friends and colleagues enjoy? Craftwork follows the general process of creation and distribution of beer: the inspiration, gathering ingredients and formulating, mashing, boiling, fermenting, producing, shipping, and the delivery (PARTY). It is encouraged all who listen and perform have a glass at the ready to celebrate (before and/or after)!


The creation of Snow Melts Into Spring for reed trio began on a snowy Ohio day with just the tips of green grass visible beneath the blanket of vast whiteness. I found myself thinking of the proverbial question, “What does snow become when it melts?” While the most common sense answer would be that snow melts into water, I like the metaphorical answer that snow melting marks the passage of time — a changing of seasons — therefore, snow melts into spring.


The Law of the New is written for reed trio (oboe, clarinet, bassoon) and a looping pedal. The first measure is recorded as a loop and the second measure is overdubbed on the loop. This can be recorded live or recorded before the performance and saved on the looping pedal. The loop is played throughout the duration of the piece. Today’s performance will be without the looping pedal due to TMEA performance guidelines.


About the Commissioning Project

The Avenue C Project was founded by Karen Bronson in 2019 as a platform for composers and performers to collaborate and promote new chamber music for wind instruments. Many of the musicians and composers are primarily alumni, current students, or are associated with University of North Texas. This performance will feature three recently commissioned works for reed trio. The ensemble premiered these pieces at the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors 2021 National Conference. This performance will feature Karen Andreas Bronson on clarinet, Elizabeth Fleissner on oboe, and Jolene Masone on bassoon. 

About the Trio

Karen Bronson is adjunct clarinet professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville and has a clarinet studio in the Dallas area. She has performed with Lone Star Wind Orchestra and is a founding member of The Avenue C Project. She holds a DMA from University of North Texas, MM from University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and BM from University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Dr. Bronson has lectured at NACWPI, Clarinet Colloquium at Texas A&M University-Commerce, ClarinetFest, and TMEA.

Elizabeth Fleissner is an oboist and teacher in Denton, Texas. She has premiered works at

Midwest Composers Symposium, and performed with Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony

Orchestra, Lone Star Wind Orchestra, Amarillo Symphony, and is a founding member of the

Christine Burke Ensemble. Ms. Fleissner holds a B.M. from University of Georgia, a MA from

University of Iowa, and is pursuing her DMA at University of North Texas where she won the

2018 Innovative Programming Competition.


Jolene Masone teaches bassoon in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and gives masterclasses across the

country. She is a member of the improvisatory trio Ex-Mus trio and Lone Star Wind Orchestra,

and has appeared with SoundsModern and Odysseus Chamber Orchestra. Jolene received her

DMA from University of North Texas, MM Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University,

and BM from University of Northern Colorado.


For information about our commissioning project, visit:

Sage Bronson

           b. 1997

Delanie Molnar

              b. 1997

Jenni Brandon

              b. 1977

Peter Schickele

               b. 1935

Luke Ellard

        b. 1988

Found Objects: On The Beach (2014)

VI. Seashells

Snow Melts Into Spring (2020)

Diversions (1963)

I. Bath

II. Billiards

Craftwork (2022)

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